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Important Notice about Publishing Rights

Our novels were for sale on both Amazon's and Barnes & Noble's websites. Because of printing policies that same book was given a unique ISBN for each website. It was recently brought to my attention that there was an independent seller on the Amazon site selling the novel as "new."

Rossi Publishing Games has been very specific about who holds printing rights to their works. This seller not only didn't have rights to sell the novel as new, the price they were selling the book at would result in negative profit unless the printing was done by the seller.

This left two options: the seller was stupid OR the seller was printing their own copy of the book and bypassing paying the author and publisher.

I notified Amazon and told them that the copy was not authorized. In response I was told that because the ISBN was issued by Barnes & Noble, it was that company's fault. To be clear, Barnes & Noble has printing rights, they do not hold the copyright. The copyright on that novel is held by Rossi Publishing Games.

In effect, Amazon was selling illegal material and they didn't want to do anything about it unless some big company took them to court over it.

While I'm well aware that it is nearly impossible for a site as large as Amazon to police all of their sellers, they are responsible and liable for selling stolen material if the sale is made after they become aware the product was stolen. Pawning the responsibility off was lazy and illegal.

I worked with Barnes & Nobel and the issue is now resolved, not because of Amazon, but because Barnes & Noble was willing to take responsibility for something that wasn't their fault.

Barnes & Noble currently has exclusive rights to the sale of our book. Book Two has completed editing and once the cover art is completed, that will also be available at that site. I will continue to look for additional venues for the company's works. Consumers deserve a choice on where to spend their money and so do I.

You can find our novel, Wolf's Pawn, at Just search for the author's name, Chaaya Chandra.

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