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Malikal is a small town located between Nusdel and Malsoct. It acts as the command center for coal and oil mining operations throughout the Rework Plains. The town itself consists of two districts: The Lower District, where the workers, their families, and travel-ers stay, and the Upper District, where the million-aires who remove the resources from the plains build their mansions.

The Mysterious Gentleman of Malikal: An eccen-tric millionaire has taken advantage of his wealth to conceal himself from the rest of the world. He never leaves his gated mansion—which dominates the east-ern half of Malikal—and communicates with the rest of the world via letters slipped through the front gate. Food and other supplies necessary for survival are left at the gate at night and are gone by the following morn-ing. The reason for the gentleman’s extreme reclusion is unknown, despite the best efforts of the surrounding population to discern his identity and history.