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Vharkil Mountains

The Vharkil Mountains act as a partition between Vharkylia and Jzianrhun and supports the largest precious metal mines in the world. The mountains aren’t as tall as those in other parts of the world, but their twisting canyons, unstable footholds, and powerful gusts of wind make passage through them difficult. The only safe road through is Slungor Pass, which leads straight into The Vhykar forests. While the vykati of Ilhaya are happy to help travelers find safe passage through the pass and the forest, most prefer to avoid the mountains by traveling by boat or airship.

The inhabitants of this area speak with a somewhat distinctive accent that has been described as a mix of folksy and feral. Up until the Rhidayar Border Skirmish in 20 AH, the accent was considered a sign of low intelligence, but when it was learned that the famed Malita Adida was from the Vharkil Mountains and spoke with such an accent, it became the dialect favored by socialites and courtesans.

In the current time frame, the accent is considered just another dialect of the vykati and nothing extremely special.