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Drtithen is the government seat for Vharkylia. At its center it shows a level of sophistication on par with the rest of the world, including a rail system for intracity transportation, a dock for dirigibles and blimps, and even a simple grid layout common in Jzianrhun cities. Most of the homes are decent-sized and the middle class here thrives on a neverending amount of work.

Around the outer edges of the city conditions worsen. The vykati—who dislike the tribal lifestyle but do not want to embrace the rest of the world’s cus-toms—live in here in simple wooden or brick houses. Very few have anything more than outdoor plumbing, much less indoor heating and cooling or radios.

The vykati who have no tribal ties, no family con-nections in other cities, and cannot bring themselves to overcome their distrust for the other races con-gregate in the slums and scrounge a meager living doing work too foul or back-breaking for anyone else. When other races come through Drtithen they are advised to hire one of the vykati guards to escort them through or take the Skyline to the center of the city, because the ruling council is not responsible for any gruesome deaths that happen in the slums.

Drtithen boasts the largest population in Vharkylia. Most of it consists of the rest of the nation’s outcasts.

Skyline Transportation: One of the few all-vykati corporations, Skyline produces various forms of cable cars designed by Mukta the Wirecutter. Among these is the Drtithen zip line which runs from the outside gates to the docks without having to go through the slums. It isn’t the fastest mode of travel, and it is also incapable of transporting large amounts of goods, but it serves its purpose, has few accidents, and is a popu-lar attraction for travelers.

Statue of the Wolf Aspect: One of the few olden-times vykati artists, Nasjin, was a religious zealot who created a bronze statue to honor the Aspect of Ferocity, Kunterik. It survived the Wolf Blight War but by the end of the Steel Crusade it was beginning to collapse. Xuvhanni ordered it removed because it was becoming an eyesore, so Benayle took it to Mukta and asked if he could rebuild it. Mukta put it back together and added his own twist. He gave the statue the ability to turn its head and speak, granted it a lim-ited artificial intelligence, and set it back on display in the Drtithen plaza where it began granting “bless-ings” and ordering random passersby about. Xuvhanni was not pleased, but Benayle found it amusing, so it stayed for several years until it was stolen by a group of vykati who believed it was sacrilegious. They were surprised to discover that not only could they not destroy it, they couldn’t contain it. It broke free and now wanders about the lower districts of Drtithen, attacking thieves and nonvykati travelers.

A famous gnomish traveler by the name of Grin-wald Vorsight mentions the statue in his book, Savage Journey: “As I came off the airship and set my sight on the Drtithen Plaza I was surprised to see a well-crafted bronze statue of a large wolf. I approached it to examine it further and was surprised to realize that it was not a statue, rather a very realistic-looking automaton. It turned towards me and spoke in the vykati’s guttural tongue. At the time, I had no idea what it had said and retreated to the blimp. I later learned that it had quoted a passage of an ancient vykati text written by the clerics of Kunterik, The Aspect of Wolves and Ferocity.”

Xhuvanni: Xhuvanni is the current ruling council member of the Drtithen Council. While she has very little privilege beyond the other council members, the forceful, arrogant nature of some of her political acts have earned her the title of Queen. Those she rules over know her for her protechnological advancement stance and her willingness to shove the stance down others’ throats. Her family and close friends respect her realistic insights and caring nature, even though it most often exhibits itself as “tough love.”

Mukta the Wirecutter: Mukta is one of Benayle’s closest friends. The vykati know him for his uncanny ability to find weak spots in advanced technology and exploit them, a trick that came in handy during the steel crusades. The rest of the world knows him as an annoying mutt that keeps finding ways to break their newest inventions. He has mellowed somewhat with age, and now keeps to himself in a small home on the edges of modern Drtithen. He still revels in a techno-logical challenge, and if anyone needs help with one he is more than happy to lend a hand.

Kilarian the Unrestful: Kilarian is a champion of the “old vykati ways.” he lives in the slums and often incites the inhabitants to riot. He is known to orga-nize attacks against foreign embassies, merchants, and any nonvykati traveler unfortunate enough to be in the slums at a time he decides to strike. At some point he lost his leg in a fight with the Statue of the Wolf Aspect and has offered a generous bounty for its deactivated body on his doorstep.