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Human (Race)


Appearance:  The people of Jzianrhun are short, dark-haired, and tend to favor loose silk or linen clothes dyed a variety of vibrant colors. Those who can’t afford such bright dyes prefer black or grey clothing. Humans from this country can live to be 110, but the average lifespan is 90.

The Jzianrhae are known for their total obedience to the harsh laws enacted by their somewhat insane emperor. It is said that you can always tell a Jzianrhae apart from other foreigners because they still practice strict adherence to their own laws and those of the country they are visiting. They tend to be formal, even when the occasion doesn’t call for it.

There are two main exceptions to these general rules: The Khauzians and the Jzians.

Khauzi: Although the people of the Zi Isles (often referred to as “island people” or “Khauzians”) are a part of the Jzianrhun Empire, the emperor doesn’t view keeping them in line as a worthwhile use of resources. Since the strict laws of Jzianrhun aren’t enforced, they still follow a flowing social hierarchy that can change as often as week to week. Because of this they tend to work independently of others and pay little respect to authority figures. They also have a low literacy rate, but are excellent verbal communicators.

Jzian: After plague almost turned Jzian into a ghost town it began to attract unsavory groups who found refuge in the many abandoned buildings around the city. The people who live there tread carefully wherever they go and are always aware that murder could be around every corner. They do not obey many of Jzianrhun’s insane laws because they know it could very well mean their demise if they attempt to follow them.


Appearance: The Rhidayans are a slender race of humans with dark skin, hair, and eyes. They favor bold, single-colored clothing made from flax or, if they have the money for it, silk.Humans from this country can live to be 100, but the average lifespan is 80.

Rhidayans have an advanced educational system so most of them have obtained at least an elementary education, and many of them have continued on to achieve degrees in many scientific fields of study. They are not afraid to flaunt this knowledge and often include their credentials when they introduce themselves to strangers. Although, these introductions usually only happen with other Rhidayans since it is a longstanding tradition to distrust outsiders. These tendencies have caused them to be thought of as a bit arrogant by other races.

Another Rhidayan tradition that sets them apart from the other races is the idea that canine creatures are evil. They do not own dogs unless they want others to think of them as criminals. This also means that they don’t get along well with the vykati. However, they have learned to tolerate their presence.

Vidava: Any Rhidayan hailing from Vidava will be quite different from those born in the other cities. They are more tolerant of other races and often adopt many foreign styles and traditions. They are also even more likely to pursue higher education since the largest university in the world is on their doorstep.


Appearance: Zenachen physical features vary widely, but they tend to be short with light skin and eyes. Their hair color can be anything from dark brown to silver-blond. Their clothing is sturdy and practical and even their formal wear is made in drab colors and made from thick, workman’s material. Humans from this country can live to be 90, but the average lifespan is 75.

People from Zenache prefer quiet, private lives. While they have nothing against strangers and foreigners they tend to keep to themselves, making them come across as stand-offish. Those who befriend them, or at the very least work with them, find them to be loyal and hardworking, if somewhat brash.

Sarbrign: Sarbrign has been isolated from Zenache for so long that they have more in common with the Jzianrhae than with other Zenachen. They are more social around strangers and are more aware of foreign customs. However, they still tend to be a little too blunt and prefer to keep things simple and to the point.


Appearance:  Those from Dargaleck are tall, dark people. Their clothing is almost always made from thin, white cloth, except for the goat’s hide capes they keep for when night falls and the temperature drops. Humans from this country can live to be 95, but the average lifespan is 60. The harsh environment seems to preserve some and wear on others.

Since Dargaleck is a very tenuously united nation, most of its people do not think of themselves as Dargalecks. Instead, they refer to themselves as being from whatever city they were raised in and adopt that city’s culture. There are four main cultures prevalent in Dargaleck: Mogulq, Sil-nian, Yirollnian, and Colzar.

Mogulqs: Mogulqs radiate the feeling that they are poised to take over the world. They are descended from people who survived by taking every challenge and twisting it to their advan-tage and this trait continues despite the fact it is no longer required in their now-peaceful city. This leads many Mogulqs to set out and search for adventure and opportunity elsewhere.

Silnians: The Silnians are a group of tribes that inhabit Silnia Rock and serve the ancient blue dragon, Silnian’Grinuum. They are fierce, violent people who will attack cities, trains, and anyone that comes within a two hundred mile radius of their home and take food and valuable objects to give to the dragon. The few who escape this barbaric lifestyle don’t mix well with civilized society, so they tend to become merce-naries or bounty hunters.

Yirollnians: Yirollnians are known for their hospitality to strangers. They tend to fit in no matter where they go and are considered a welcome addition to any city. They often become cunning, but still honest, mer-chants or mediators working to smoothe out conflict.

Colzars: The Colzars are rigid, unrelenting people known for their volatile moods. They despise being under Yirollnian rule and are constantly plotting to overthrow them. Many Colzars have been leaving Dargaleck, either as an act of rebellion against Yirolln or to escape the constant bickering.

Character Options

Racial Bonuses: +2 to One Ability Score: Human characters get a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature.

Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Normal Speed:  Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.

Bonus Feat:  Humans select one extra feat at 1st level.

Skilled:  Humans gain an additional skill rank at first level and one additional rank whenever they gain a level.

Languages:  Humans begin play speaking Common and their regional dialect. Humans with high Intelligence scores can choose any languages they want (except secret languages, such as Druidic).