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Falaniel Mortanius

Falaniel is generally regarded as the first doctor of Terah to ever bring the dead back to life through a medical procedure, though his most significant con-tribution to modern medicine is in his establishment of the first morgue and his pioneering techniques in the field of autopsy. He has attended most of the major universities of Terah, and has gotten medical certifi-cations from most of them, despite how unpopular he tended to be among the professors and students of the institution. The latter part of his life has mostly been spent lending his services to adventurers, who view his somewhat morbid preoccupation with death as a tolerable quirk in an otherwise useful companion. He has written a number of books on the subjects of death and dying. The most notable of his publications is On the Land Beyond the Veil, a case study and col-lection of interviews on the subject of where the soul goes once the body fails.

“Many say that life is a miracle, a gift from the Gods, a boon bestowed by unseen powers. These people fool-ishly believe that life is the pinnacle of creation, the ultimate fulfillment of order over chaos. I could not disagree more. Life is chaos. It begins with blood and tears and suffering and a flurry of panicked activity. It is filled with trial and waste. Death is the true order of the universe. It happens to all that live, no matter their power or station. It prevents overpopulation, returns resources to the earth, and brings a close to the ter-rors that we experience on a daily basis. This is why I take such a keen interest. I do not bring my patients back from those grim lands with the belief that I have thwarted some age-old fiend. Rather, I do it with the intent of hearing their stories, so that when we finally pass to the land beyond the veil, we are not unpre-pared for what awaits us.”