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Joseph Negese

Constructs were an uncommon sight in Terah before the Elven Holocaust. There were perhaps only a hand-ful of people capable of casting the spells required to animate even a simple construct. Even then, these constructs were more often than not little more than carefully assembled prisons, controlled by a spirit of earth or fire that had been bound to the physical shell. However, the marriage of magic and technology allowed the people of Terah to accomplish something that the elven empires of old never had achieved: true artificial intelligence,

The first instance of a true Automaton was created in 80 AH by Joseph Negese, a wizard of considerable cunning. His creations began as simple lab assistants, which he endowed with greater and greater amounts of data and information for use in his research. As Negese’s research progressed, the amount of data he required increased. As his need for data increased, the complexity of his data-retrieval systems increased. Eventually—not in a single moment but over the mat- ter of many years—Negese was able to create an auto- matic interface whose complexity rivaled that of the living brain. By 86 AH, Negese had isolated the com- ponents that granted his constructs cognizance and published On the Structure of Intelligence, a manual detailing the construction of automatic interfaces.

In the years following, Negese released several other manuals of construction which built on his ini- tial success with automatons. Most of these manu- als focused on modifying automatons in order to fully realize the potential of the automatic interface. Negesian Automatons (Now simply called automa- tons—though there are, in fact, a few other varieties of automaton) quickly become desirable not only for civic and scientific purposes, but also military ones.