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Gregory Ivanovich

Many of the automatons used in the contemporary warfare of Terah are based on the designs of Gregory Ivanovich, a talented spark that hires himself out to companies and nations of any size. Ivanovich originally gained his fame from his work in the field of mass-manufacturing, specifically in the production of military-grade automatons.

By 103 AH, Ivanovich had already gained some reputation in the private sector for his finely crafted automatons. As a result, he was hired by the mysterious wealthy man of Malikal to construct a number of combat automatons. The wealthy man was initially displeased with the spark’s design, as the one-man power-armor automaton that Ivanovich had proposed was a far cry from the massive death machines that the duke has asked for. Ivanovich managed to keep the duke’s interest, however, by promising to build the man twenty of the smaller automatons in the time the duke had allotted to build one.

Immediately after the man gave Ivanovich approval to proceed, the spark contacted every crafts-man and spell-caster in the capital. What followed was the most complicated and impressive assembly-line project that Terah had ever seen up to that point. The most incredible part of the project, though, was that once Ivanovich had drawn up the blueprints for the automatons and organized the assembly line, he did not in any way participate in their construction. Although Ivanovich’s spark was required for the design of the automaton, it was not required in its assembly. The knowledge that regular craftsman could build automatons from spark-drawn blueprints revolutionized the role of the construct in everyday life. Suddenly, automatons could be found in every major city and province. What Joseph Negese started, Gregory Ivanovich had perfected.