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Year        Event
2550 BHShalekh goes to war with the dwarves
2546 BHContinents sundered
2500 BHThe eastern empires are destroyed. The Zenache Empire loses control of Northern Rhidayar and collapses into four tribes.
2267 BHWar of vengeance, Vidava founded
2000 BHThe vykati are created
1975 BHUniversity of Vidava founded
1870 BHVidava is taken back
1868 BHFirst Wolf War
1800 BHBattle for Nervin Pass
1491 BHSecond Wolf War
1489 BHVharkylia founded
1267 BHCreeping War
1067 BHWar of Galeck
965 BHNystal founded
823 BHThe Dargaleck Agreement
740 BHMida conquered
637 BHBattle for Acrie
545 BHColzar is born
521 BHJzianrhun Treaty
450 BHWolf Blight War
67 BHKhauzi discovered
50 BHDrtithen refounded
8 BHDark elves start coming to Terah
1 AHThe steel crusades begin. The high elves sweep across the eastern continent and conquer everything in its path
7 AHEnd of Conquest of Steel and Lightning
35 AHRailroad boom
67 AHGnomish rebellion
70 AHVykati show up on other continent
75 AHHigh elves driven out of Vharkylia
90 AHHigh elves retreat to Therfass
92 AHUniversity of Vidava refounded
Current Year 113 (or the last two digits of the current year on Earth +100)