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Although Sarbrign is technically Rasgirn’s twin city and its people are very similar, the city doesn’t possess the vibrant life that Rasgirn does. The only thing Sarbrign has to offer that Rasgirn doesn’t is a spectacular ocean view, but most travelers can’t stomach it, and they don’t want to stay on the harsh, windswept cliffside on which the city is built. They usually travel straight between the docks and the tunnel.

Dockmaster: The dockmaster remains at his post because he has somehow resisted all attempts to remove him from it. He loads and unloads the boats that come to port without ever speaking a word. In itself, this would not cause problems, but the passengers are unnerved by the insane grin that remains plastered on his face throughout all hours and the terrifying messages he scrawls on the luggage from time to time. At one point he was pushed off a cliff but he showed up to work the next day as usual, although the passengers have reported an increase in bizarre messages since then.

Lighthouse: Several years back the old lighthouse crumbled into the sea, causing mass confusion and many deaths. The duke ordered a new lighthouse to be built as fast as possible. The results were less than pleasing. The rickety wooden tower supports a beacon that, from time to time, lights the rest of the building on fire and requires emergency action to prevent another disaster.

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