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Radebo was once several towns built around coal mines. When technology began to advance and the demand for coal increased in order to power steam engines, the towns grew until they merged into one large city. Runeworking eventually advanced and the need for coal power decreased. Today coal is still mined there, but not on the scale it once was. The city is beginning to shrink as people move out in search of new jobs and it is unknown how long Radebo will last before it either becomes a thieves’ den like Jzian or is abandoned.

Baron Joachim: The Baron of Radebo is a young, satirical man who is quite aware of the eventual fate of his city. Instead of attempting to preserve it, he seeks to speed the process as much as possible so that he can pursue his own interests. Part of his strategy involves open hostility to visitors, a tactic that could lead to more damage than he thinks.

Overseer Anja: The overseer remains in Radebo and mines coal because that is all she has done for the past fifty years. Her age has made it difficult for her to do her job and some days she finds herself unable to work at all. On such days she sits near the mining house, tells stories about forgotten memories, and chases away visitors. On occasion, she attempts to work even when the lift is malfunctioning and becomes trapped in the coal mines until the baron sends someone to haul her out.

Coal Mines: As mining decreases, more and more of the passages in the mine are falling into disrepair and are inhabited by creatures that claw their way up from the deepest parts of Terah and settle there. Despite warnings posted over all the mine’s entrances it is still a popular attraction for young daredevils seeking to impress their peers and adventurers looking for something new and exciting to do. The Baron suggests that those wishing to explore the mines wait for another to get lost in its depths, then they can join the search party and have a much higher chance of making it back out alive.

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