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Cantelc was founded when the Yazaf prisons over-flowed and they decided to release some of the minor criminals under the condition that they leave Yazaf and never return. Several of the prisoners moved northeast and settled Cantelc, which is still known today for being riddled with petty criminals of all types and, rumor has it, a band of smugglers. No traveler wanting to keep his or her hard earned coin goes there, though it does attract bounty hunters hoping to catch a few wanted persons. Unfortunately, the criminals of Cantelc are too cunning to be captured.

Mayor Erich: How Erich became mayor of Cantelc is a mystery, along with how he has survived this long when every city from Yazaf to Colzar has a high bounty on his head. One theory is that he comes across as such a gentleman that he convinces everyone that he is above the sort of petty crimes he has been accused of committing. This is true absolutely true; his work extends far beyond basic embezzlement and smuggling. He has run several large, successful businesses into the ground for his own gain and stolen precious artifacts from right under King Jzian’s nose.

Golden Wings Inn: The Golden Wings Inn is the base of operations for a large smuggling ring that exports ancient artifacts from Zenache and the dead empires to the west. The fact the inn is still standing has raised some eyebrows and sparked some debate about the possibility of bribery. Several attempts have been made by adventurers from around the world to tear the place down, but none have been successful.

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