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Irveyn is a very small town that attracts a lot of people since it is built in the old ruins of a Zenache Empire fort. Archaeologists from around the world come seeking the vast wealth of knowledge hidden in the depths of the ruins. Their meddling will occasionally awake things that were best left alone, and then the town is abandoned until whatever monstrosity that was unleashed is captured or killed, then its citizens, who are known for their bull-headedness, return again.

Tree-Tower: One of the few buildings that appear to have withstood the tests of time with nothing more than a few cracks is the large stone tree that stands on the southeast side of town. The trunk conceals a spiral staircase that leads to the many roosts and hideouts hidden among the trees branches. The Tree-Tower used to be used as a watch tower, but with the construction of better lookout points the tree-tower has been incorporated with a local inn and now provides travelers with a cheap place to sleep.

Herd Ildegard: Herd studied at the University of Vidava for six years, but was not impressed with their course of history studies. He decided to take matters into his own hands and explore the world to discover the ancient secrets of Terah for himself. This may or may not have had anything to do with his general distrust for others or his cynical nature. For those who do manage to earn what little trust he has, he is full of valuable knowledge about ancient civilizations that may come in handy for any dungeon-delving adventurer.

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