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Alrick De'Chetabrion

For the first half of the industrial revolution, the markets of Terah were primarily run by state-governed companies such as Satyr Industries. It was not until 86 AH that the first private company broke into the market in any significant way. That company was “De’Chetabrion’s Delectables,” a clothing and textile manufacturer founded in 77 AH by Alrick De’Chetabrion.

Most people who have met Mr. De’Chetabrion consider him to be the worst sort of fop: unintelligent, aloof, and disconnected. This misconception could not be further from the truth. De’Chetabrion is creative, cunning, and ruthlessly manipulative. These traits have served him very well in the private sector, though in truth they are only a part of the secret to his success. What transformed his company from a simple, privately owned business into an international trading empire was the invention of the corporation. The corporation that was originally established by De’Chetabrion was only vaguely similar to the contemporary corporations of Terah, as De’Chetabrion’s careful manipulation of the stockholders and the board of directors ensured that he had complete control over the company even after it became a corporation. Still, it is De’Chetabrion’s principles upon which all the corporations of modern Terah are founded.

Not only did “De’Chetabrion’s Delectables” mark the introduction of the corporation into the economy of Terah, it is also the single most significant contributor to the current fashions of Terah. Even the simplest frock or evening dress is most likely derivative of the De’Chetabrion style.