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Cronin Marcacite

In 32 AH, a dwarven industrialist named Cronin Marcacite founded Cronin Coal Company in direct competition with a number of other dwarven mining companies. Despite the stiff opposition he faced, Mr. Marcacite was able to quickly turn his small holdings into a complete monopoly of the region’s fossil-fuel industry. Most of Marcacite’s success on that front can be attributed to his own personal skill in mining and to his hands-on management approach, which earned him the respect of everyone in the industry. In fact, it was not uncommon for other companies’ best workers to leave their parent company in order to get a job at Cronin Coal Company, such was the confidence that Cronin inspired in the people around him.

Even with these advantages, Marcacite may never have made it big if it weren’t for the railroad boom of 35 AH. With the sudden expansion of rail companies all across Terah, coal and other fuels were suddenly very much in demand in every country. Marcacite quickly grew rich off of this demand, and used the capital to invest in other mining operations. In a remarkably short period of time, Cronin Coal Company went from being a medium-sized coal distributor to the largest mineral acquisition/mineral processing company in all of Terah. Cronin Coal Company has become so large, in fact, that it has encouraged many cities and countries to lobby for antitrust laws.

Cronin Coal Company keeps cordial relations with Telithiel & Co, and most of Telithiel’s metal and fuel needs are easily met by Mr. Marcacite.