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Rhidayar (People)

Appearance: The Rhidayans are a slender race of humans with dark skin, hair, and eyes. They favor bold, single-colored clothing made from flax or, if they have the money for it, silk.

Rhidayans have an advanced educational system so most of them have obtained at least an elementary education, and many of them have continued on to achieve degrees in many scientific fields of study. They are not afraid to flaunt this knowledge and often include their credentials when they introduce themselves to strangers. Although, these introductions usually only happen with other Rhidayans since it is a longstanding tradition to distrust outsiders. These tendencies have caused them to be thought of as a bit arrogant by other races.

Another Rhidayan tradition that sets them apart from the other races is the idea that canine creatures are evil. They do not own dogs unless they want others to think of them as criminals. This also means that they don’t get along well with the vykati. However, they have learned to tolerate their presence.

Vidava: Any Rhidayan hailing from Vidava will be quite different from those born in the other cities. They are more tolerant of other races and often adopt many foreign styles and traditions. They are also even more likely to pursue higher education since the largest university in the world is on their doorstep.