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LeBene's Lacewing Brooch

This gold and emerald clasp is delicately crafted in the shape of a lacewing bug was once used by the leader of a now defunct secret society as an identifying mark. This leader, Faye Dran, was a spark of some renown and like all of her profession, was not entirely in touch with reality. She became convinced that the brooch was insulting her and overcome with rage, she cast it out her window, into the hands of the local law enforcement. The officer that claimed it was clever enough to use it to infiltrate her underlings and destroy her organization (His name was Thurston). No one knows what became of Faye.

The brooch itself does not speak, but it does grant a +2 (natural) armor bonus to the wearer. Any attacks that come from behind the wearer (defined as the one square directly behind the wearer) will return 1d6 electrical damage to the attacker.

In addition to this bonus the brooch can perform the following tasks once a day:

Reactive Carapace: The wearer may trigger, as a reaction, a spell that acts as the first level spell shield, granting a +5 (Spell) bonus to armor class and immunity to magic missile, but the effect lasts for 3 rounds and the shield is visible as a large translucent lacewing bug.

Bug on the Wall: The wearer is able to polymorph into a lacewing for ten rounds, retaining all hit points and still able to direct her experiments and hear as normal, but losing the ability to do anything else a lacewing would not be able to do. (Fly speed is 30). While in this form the wearer gains a +15 on all stealth checks.

Faye’s Swarm: The brooch can be used to summon a swarm of mechanical insects covering one five foot continuous square for every two levels of the wearer and doing 1d10 damage to all in affected squares for three rounds. The swarm is AC 20 is has 30 hit points for each square covered. It can only be dispelled if it takes damage equal to its total hit points.

Fire Beetle: Summons a medium sized automata shaped like an elm bark beetle that lasts for five rounds. For each round it is in existence, the automata can either cast scorching ray or change places with the wearer.

  • This item was created as part of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons play test. It may or may not conform with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rules, but it is our intent to convert it before publication.