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Sapphire Cameo of the Myzgath Family

This sapphire cameo hangs from a gold necklace. Close examination of the two shows that the color of both the gold and the sapphire are tinted with a touch of red. The reason for this is that the items come from the other world—the world that the dark elves and high elves abandoned as it neared destruction. While such coloration happens in Terah due to impurities in the ore and stone, there are no such impurities to be found, magically or chemically, in the necklace and its adornment. The cameo itself is of a compass rose on one side, with directions marked in the dark elf script, and the tree of life on the other. Tradition holds that soldier’s and merchants wear it with the compass out and those versed in arcane or divine magic wear it with the tree out, but there is no perfomance difference between the two and certainly no requirement.

This heirloom item comes down through the family line of the Myzgaths—once a family of soldiers and artisans, made noble when Casius Fortelth Myzgath the third ascended to the position of Lord High Commander of the dark elf military. Since then, the necklace has gone to the heir to the family title. The two pieces together go back at least another 200 years, with the cameo itself going possibly back as far as 1500 years—the genealogy is uncertain, but the symbol it bears is shared by a merchant guild that has been defunct for that long.

The necklace itself holds memories of all of the family members that have possessed it, but in order to retrieve the said memories, the holder must have the name of the prior owner and have an idea what information he is specifically looking for. Without this information, the necklace will simply repeat the last memory that has been put into it. Memories must be stored specifically by concentrating while the cameo is being worn. It will take 10% of the actual time of the memory to store it. Recalling memories takes a standard action plus 2d10 rounds, plus 1 round for every decade in the past the memory comes from.

The cameo also allows telepathic communication with one other person over any distance. The person must be decided upon in advance and once that decision is made it will take 2d4 days before actual communication can take place. The person also must be present (visible) at the time of selection. Unwilful selection gives the target a daily intelligence save (DC 8 +1 for every 2 levels of the owner) to completely cancel the effect.

The cameo has the following abilities once per day:

Filial Protection: As a reaction, the owner can gain resistance against one spell cast at him. This can either reduce the damage by half or give advantage on the save, at the owner’s discretion. The resistance is considered absorption and will stack with any other resistance. In those cases, the cameo’s absorption is counted right after the save (so if the damage was 100 and the save is made, the total damage done would be 25) and before resistance. (In the above example if the save is missed and there is other resistance to the type of magic, the damage is 25.)

Blended Family: Disguise Self at will.

Culling the Weak: Circle of Death as a standard action. (must be level 7 or higher to use this abilty)

Wyrm Sibling: Use the breath weapon of any Young Chromatic Dragon. (must be level 10 or higher to use this ability)

  • This item was created as part of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons play test. It may or may not conform with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rules, but it is our intent to convert it before publication.