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Wand of Webbing

This wand is made of elm and has threads of silver woven in spider web fashion over its entire length. Nothing is known about its prior history, but it is very old as those that have been able to speak to it notice that it often forgets that there are two continents and it is frightened of vykati, even if they are attuned to it. As hinted at above, this is a sentient item (Int 18, Wis 14, and Chr 10) that can communicate with its holder either empathically or through telepathy if the holder speaks ancient Rhidahaham. It possesses the following abilities:

Web of Missiles: The wand allows the attuned holder to cast magic missile as a first level spell an unlimited number of times a day, provided the possessor knows the spell. The spell takes up a cantrip slot instead of a first level spell slot.

Wild Webbing: If the wielder is a wild magic sorcerer, he may opt on any spell to trigger the wild magic effect an any odd number roll, instead of just on a 1.

Fire on Old Cobwebs: Spells and abilities that make use of fire have a 25% chance on impact to cause an additional 1d4 fire damage each round for three rounds.

Unfailing Direction: When set on the ground, the wand will always position itself to point north.

Web of Confusion: Once a day, the wand can cast misty step.

Web: Twice a day the wand is able to cast web as a second level spell.

  • This item was created as part of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons play test. It may or may not conform with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rules, but it is our intent to convert it before publication.