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Kirvirsh is a city built into the towering trees and cliffs of the Kirvirsh Isles. It is a popular tourist site, but the people there are adamant about protecting the pristine landscape and wildlife. Visitors are often surprised to discover that most of the interesting sites have been fenced off and are guarded by armed men and some of the fiercest Kirvir Cats.

Kirvir Cattery: The Kirvir cats are unique from their Rhidayan herding lion cousins. They are believed to be descended from tigers instead of lions and they are bred to guard homes and lands from intruders, rather than just protecting a flock. They are not well-suited to be companion pets and do not come to the defense of a person or creature in danger. Despite this, many nobles and thugs buy them for their extrava-gant coats and intimidating size. The cattery itself is set into a cliff wall and consists of a small house made from reinforced concrete and then a variety of enclo-sures where the cats are kept.

Kirvirsh Falls: The falls are one of the few natural beauties that hasn’t been deemed “protected” by the city, most likely because the falls are within the city itself, which makes it hard to ban visitors from it.