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Simon Francis

For now, this is a stub.

Most of Simon's back history isn't known. He's claimed to be from every human nation and even claimed more than once to have been raised by dwarves and vykati. Different linguists have tried to identify his country of origin based on accent and speech patterns. Most agree that the accent is closest to Zenachen, but there is no agreement on where his speech patterns might have originated other then complete agreement that is not from Zenache.

He travelled with Sajani Adida for about five or six years and again later for short durations during the Conquest of Steel and Lightning. He did receive posthumously the Commendation of the Full Moon from Benayle for "services rendered to the nation of Vharkylia." The commendation did not mention specifics, only that he was tangentially responsible for the end of high elf tyranny in Terah.

It is commonly believed that he died in Therfass in Ramisi AH 23.