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Malsoct is the capital city of Rhidayar. It is surrounded by imposing gates and many of its districts are walled off to prevent visitors from coming in. Despite their open hostility, the city of Malsoct makes most of its revenue from tourism, since it is the home of some of the greatest magical and architectural wonders of the world.

Old King’s Palace: At the center of the city sulks the Old King’s Palace. Thousands of years of war after war have reduced the royal structure to little more than a bare scaffold. Most of the citizens of Malsoct view the building as an eyesore that should be torn down, but a small, influential group demands that it remain. Despite their zeal over the building, they haven’t gone inside to repair the place. It is beginning to collapse and poses a safety risk to the nearby residents.

The Tower of Eyes: The original Tower of Eyes was nothing more than a wooden tower astrologers used to star-gaze. The Tower was torn down so it could be replaced by one equipped with the latest technology. The new stone tower features indoor elevators that take visitors to the top, where glass spheres branching out from the base tower all tourists a good view of not only the skies but also of the city below. Each sphere features powerful telescopes for star-gazing, but they are built so they can’t be turned to look down.

Old Fanatic: Those native to the area around the Old Palace can attest to the fact that this old man has always been camped just outside the back entrance of the palace. Even in his youth he tended to keep him-self distant from everyone, including the other fanat-ics, and with age he withdrew into himself even more.

He never causes problems, but his presence agitates the residents to the point they demanded the guards kick him out. Somehow, this didn’t work, and he reap-peared at his usual place and has remained there since.