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Hellmane's Hammer

This finely crafted greatsword is named for what it does to it foes and not for its shape. The sword is mostly nondescript. The blade is well polished steel and the hilt and pommel look to be made of brass. The handle is wrapped with a soft doeskin leather. If the sword did belong to Baraden Hellmane as its title proclaims, he’s probably looking for it and not happy with the current holder. Most likely, however, the name is just another way of messing with alliterate nomenclature. If wielded to its full potential, the blade would make its namesake proud.

The Hammer acts as a +2 greatsword and grants its holder the ability to attract attention. Once per round, as a free action, the wielder can choose a target within 20 feet and challenge them verbally. The target must be able to hear the challenge, but not necessarily understand it. Once heard, the challenged creature must make a wisdom saving throw or be forced to attack the challenger. The DC is 8 +1 for every 2 levels of the holder. If the challenged creature can only attack with melee weapons, the it will make a disengage action on its next turn if available and move its new target. If the creature has already used its standard action during the round, but not its movement, it will move towards the target without disengaging. If the targeted creature does have ranged attacks, it will simply change or continue to use that attack type. Once affected, all attacks must be on the weapon’s owner for the next three rounds. Once the effect ends, the creature regains complete control over its actions.

As a bonus action, the owner can split the weapon into two short swords +1. The two weapons must be wielded by the person to whom the weapon is attuned and the sword must have already made an attack that round in its greatsword form. The weapons allow that person to make one attack with each weapon per round without a penalty. Class abilities that are limited by expending points can be used on both weapons, expending points for each action. Abilities that are granted to the class freely can only be used on both weapons if so mentioned in the ability’s description. The swords automatically rejoin at the holder once out of combat for more than one round, no matter how far the weapons have been separated. (Charlatans could make some real money off that.)

The weapon also grants the following abilities once per day.

  • Hellman’s Tactics: The owner can bestow on himself or someone within sight advantage on Insight checks. If the check is in regards to tactical movement, the affected character gains proficiency on the check if he didn’t already have it, or doubles the proficiency bonus if he did. Bloodshed: If more than 15 damage was done against a foe on the previous round, the sword can grant a +5 to hit on the next strike.

  • Feed an Army: The sword can cast goodberry.

  • Forced March: The sword can double base movement speed for one round.

  • This item was created as part of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons play test. It may or may not conform with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rules, but it is our intent to convert it before publication.