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Zim Sora

Early Life

Zim was born on or around 35 Chakya 42 AH in the slums of Drtithen. His parents were migrants from the Vharkil Mountains. His father had worked in the mines until his back was injured when he fell down a shaft. Unable to continue to work, even as a guide, the family moved first to Riteyai and due to the extreme prejudice they were met with there, almost immediately onward to the capital of Vharkylia.

Zim's parents found work manufacturing things for Mukta Veranis as part of his Skyline Enterprises. Shortly after this, Zim was born. Much of his early years were spent with older children that had sort of adopted him, since his parents had very little time to spend at home. This turned out to be fortunate, when his parents died in 44 AH from a sickness that was running rampant through the slums. His parents supervisor made a token effort to locate the child, but when his inquiries turned up empty, he assumed that the child had died with his parents.

For the next seven years, Zim was raised by a group of homeless urchins known locally as Kysa's Gang. After this point, he set off on his own. By the age of nine he had amassed quite the criminal record with 30 counts of vandalism, 10 counts of mugging and theft, and over 90 counts of public indecency. Local law enforcement knew him by name, but the local judges were powerless to do much for him, since he was too young to throw in jail and too poor to fine.

Chance Mugging

Around 51 AH, Zim attempted a mugging that would inadvertently change his life. His mark was an elderly vykati in his early 1s. Most vykati would have recognized Benayle Ramisa on sight, but Zim's sheltered life made the older wolf with brown fur that was mostly gray appear to be just another easy target.

This target was anything but that. Easily dodging Zim's charge, Benayle countered with a single backhand attack that knocked the young wolf unconscious. Recent inquiries to the National Alpha have been met with more confusion than answers. Benayle has no recollection of the incident or why he would have even been in that part of the city without a bodyguard. At 127, it's entirely possible that it's just one more forgotten detail.

What is known for certain is that Zim was taken by him to a friend that lived in the slums named Sora Raven. Sora had a school for budding warriors, but found it impossible to find students disciplined enough to stay very long.

Zim Sora is a character created by Tyler Robinson