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Breastplate of the Valkyrie

Legend holds that three thousand years ago Sahja, the Aspect of rain, created several breastplates from the element of storm, that were given to the female guardians of her domain in the mountains above Kirvirsh.

These breastplates are adorned with carvings and reliefs of storm clouds and bolts of lightning. The images on the surface shift slightly as does the coloration, looking like moving storm clouds. When in combat, the relief of lightning flashes like real bolts about every twenty seconds or so. Breastplate of the Valkyrie can only be worn by females of any of the player character races of Terah.

The breastplate has the following benefits:

Light as the Wind: it has the same strength and stealth restrictions as a normal breastplate, but offers an armor class of 18 (plate armor) allowing up to a +2 dexterity modifier to AC and skill checks.

Protection of the Storm: the wearer has advantage on saving throws against electrical attacks, a ballistic damage reduction of 2, and is resistant to bludgeoning.

Eye of the Hurricane: Call Lightning and Ice Storm receive an extra die of damage.

Lightning Memory: you may store one spell that is known to you into the breastplate. The spell must be specifically named and it can only be one that you can normally cast. When the stored spell is used, it has the same casting time, but does not need verbal or somatic components. It takes a long rest to replace the spell.

In addition to this, when worn by a tempest cleric, the armor has the following abilities available once per day:

Storm Cloud: You remain solid, but you look as though you are made of storm cloud for up to five rounds. While in this form you gain a +5 on Stealth Checks made outdoors and you are immune to difficult terrain penalties, even if movement would not normally be possible.

Electrical Charge: When you take damage that would normally cause you to fall unconscious, instead, you retain five hit points until you take that much more damage from subsequent hits or until five rounds have expired, at which time the extra hit points are lost.

Shocking Presence: Melee attacks with metal weapons damage the attacker for 2 damage for every hit against the wearer.

  • This item was created as part of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons play test. It may or may not conform with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rules, but it is our intent to convert it before publication.