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Mukta's Magical Band

The famous vykati spark, Mukta Veranis, didn’t create many minor artifacts. From the famous statue of the Wolf Aspect in Drtithen to the lesser known AB-14s used during the Campaign of Steel and Lightning, the reclusive wolf has a definite longing for the outrageous and powerful. It’s caused several people to deny that he would have bothered to make these rings, but several crewmates are insistent that no one else on board the Wisp could have possibly made them. Typical of the spark, when asked, he merely smiles and says, “I like those.”

Five rings are known to exist. All of the original bearers claim to have received them directly from Mukta. Each of the five are different colors: red, brown, ginger, green, and blue, although the color doesn’t seem to make any difference. They are made of a material that has yet to be identified. They look, sound, and feel like wood, but are much heavier and stronger. The rings function as a ring of protection +3, granting a +3 bonus to armor (natural) and a +3 (enhancement) bonus to all saving throws.

It also grants the following abilities:

Enhanced Energy: casters wearing the ring receive a +1 to each die when rolling for damage for fire or electrical based spells.

Power Drain: electrical damage against the wearer does two points of electrical damage to the attacker and heals the character for 1d6.

Schematic Memory: the wearer receives a +5 bonus to automata checks. If the check fails by less than five, the character will still be able to glean one minor fact from the check.

Ever Present and Never Useful: a hologram of Mukta’s mechanical silver and gold cat will follow the caster. Summoning and dismissing the cat is a bonus action.

Once per day the ring can also perform the following functions:

Displacement: the wearer can choose any visible square within 45 feet and teleport to it as a move action.

Electric Cloak: as a standard action, the wearer can become completely invisible (as the spell greater invisibility) for seven rounds.

Biofeedback: the wearer may, as a standard action, gain 10 extra hit points for 10 minutes.

Ginger’s Nutritious Paste—a bowl of hot paste can be summoned by the wearer, enough to feed a person for one meal. The concoction tastes like paste and can act as an unbreakable glue for non-organic materials. Sets when the command word is given.

  • This item was created as part of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons play test. It may or may not conform with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Rules, but it is our intent to convert it before publication.