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Nusdel was built as a gate to stop some of the for-eigners in Vidava from entering further south into Rhidayan lands. As time passed, it became more open to outsiders. After the high elves were driven back to Therfass the city began to flourish. The city now offers a basic college education for those who can’t afford Vidava’s prestige and is known for its brilliant playwrites and musicians.

Musician’s hall: The old hall is built within the ruins of itself, and is suspected to date back to the times of the ancient Zenachen Empire. While the hall itself is massive, only a fraction is currently in use. The rest has fallen into disarray. Law-abiding citizens are discouraged from wandering away from the main halls for fear they might be devoured by the strange beasts that are rumored to inhabit the abandoned wings. On the other hand, the baron is happy to allow non–law-abiding citizens back there, all the more rea-son for normal people to stay out.